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Magura HS11 & HS33 - Brake Pads Brake shoes - Brake Pads

Magura HS11 & HS33 Brake Pads: "Replacement brake pads for the Magura Hydraulic rim brake systems. Complete set of front and rear pads. (4 pads)

4 compounds available

Black - Standard pads suitable for all rims offering good performance and good wear in most conditions.
Grey - Standard pads designed to work better on anodised or ceramic coated rims offering good wear in most conditions.
Red - Performance pads for all polished rims offering greater stopping power particularly in dry conditions. Recommended for Trials.
Green Frog - Performance pads for all hard anodized (black) and ceramic rims offering greater stopping power particularly in wet conditions."

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PRO-LINE Antiplatt

Revelate Designs LLC

Revelate Designs LLC: "Welcome to Revelate Designs
Born out of passion and experience, Revelate Designs makes bike gear to help you pursue your endurance fueled endeavors. On this site you'll find gear that can be used for rackless lightweight touring, bikepacking, distance road biking, expedition touring, winter riding / racing and everything in between. The benefits include improved bike handling and weight distribution and less weight on your back."