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WorkCycles Kruis Frame Fr8 outfitted with Fr8 Massive Rack

The Fr8 (pronounced “freight”) is WorkCycles’ modular, city-utility-transport bicycle system. It can be configured and outfitted for many heavy-duty applications: delivery, industry, or carrying kids and groceries. Thanks to an enormously stiff, low instep frame, robust construction, sophisticated geometry and special carriers the Fr8 does it all with ease.
The Fr8 is built to withstand the roughest treatment. The 4130 chro-moly frame is rust protected inside and outside, all fittings are extra strong, and the special wheels with fat tires will take a beating.
As a delivery bike the Fr8 is usually equipped with the Massive Rack front carrier. With a weight limit of 150kg, loads roll smoothly on and off the integrated parking stand. For family and child transport the Fr8 is usually equipped with its special, long rear carrier that can fit either one child seat and large panniers, or two child seats. Mounts for two sets of footrests are built in so you can even invent your own seat system. Mounts on the frame fit either the City front carrier or the Massive Rack with integrated parking stand. There’s plenty of room for a front child seat or the Fr8′s kiddy saddle behind the handlebars. Once the kids are riding their own bikes just remove the child seats and you’ll have a great city bike that quickly adjusts to fit a broad range of riders.



Vi cykler til arbejde 2012

Aalborg Universitet
Dr Neergaards Vej 15
2970 Hørsholm

SBi 2
Holdkaptajn: Julie Kastoft-Christensen
Antal Deltagere: 7


Gilles Berthould

Gilles Berthould



..." The hypothetically remedial benefits of riding a bicycle have been well documented over the years. But whenever my spirits are low or my day seems monotonous,
I like to go for a ride and then, afterwards, have a look at the portfolio of Ezra Caldwell’s Fast Boy Cycles.

Every one of his steel creations exude a warm depth of character, while the colors and textures incorporated into his builds are as reassuring as a Chesterfield lounge and a single malt Scotch whiskey.

This randonneur is one of Ezra’s later builds from 2010, and, as usual, feature a selection of the highest quality components slung together with what always seems to be a stylish nonchalance:

- the handlebars are those made by Nitto for Bicycle Quarterly,
Tune cranks and rings, saddle and portage by Gilles Berthould,
brake calipers by Paul and Schmidt dynamo hubs and lights.

The vanilla paint is like ice cream, but it’s that plain love heart head badge that gets me. That’s the only detail one needs.
See more of his bikes on the Fast Boy Cycles flickr stream.

For real inspiration, however, read his blog: Teaching Cancer To Cry."...

Read more: http://www.cycleexif.com/fast-boy-cycles-randonneur#ixzz1tH6omeD9

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